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Erin Minckley was born in SLC, Utah and came to Chicago to pursue her MFA in Fiber and Materials Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, (MFA, 2012). Mother of two boys, she founded the company with a pipedream to make a day job for herself creating textiles. With a background in education and print manufacturing, she has succeeded in growing her brand to an international reach in only four years. She hopes to expand the brand to encompass some of her original fabrics, furniture and lighting. She’s currently working on a coffee table book and a “how-to” guide for artists who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

The goal of this brand was to get inspired by the rich history of textile traditions around the world and then bring those foreign cultures into your every day life. By way of wallpaper, we hope to connect the dots from East to West, to pay homage to the makers of the world and to diversify the imagery seen in our modern vernacular. Culturally appropriate depcitions of cultures are hard to come by in the world of wallpaper, and this is where I saw a gap in the marketplace. In another life I was an anthropologist, an explorer or a photo journalist. Traveling the globe, scouring every continent for luscious visual stimulation and bringing back a taste of each place for family and friends to see. That is how my tagline became “Bring the World Home.”