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Article: Revolutionizing Interiors: The Future of Wallpaper Production through Digital Printing

Revolutionizing Interiors: The Future of Wallpaper Production through Digital Printing

Revolutionizing Interiors: The Future of Wallpaper Production through Digital Printing

In the ever-evolving realm of interior design, innovation is the driving force that shapes the way we transform spaces. One area of tremendous innovation in the last decade is digital printing technology for wallpaper production. Printing wallpaper and fabrics on demand offer us unparalleled control, ease of customization, and dramatically shorter lead times. Where we used to wait 12 weeks for screen printed designs to finish production, we can now ship out orders in less than two weeks! In this article, we delve into the future of wallpaper production and the benefits of working with artist-owned businesses in this dynamic landscape.


Photo By Heather Talbert

Empowering Creativity and Customization:

Digital printing technology empowers both designers and homeowners to exercise their creativity like never before– but not everyone is able to think outside the box. Where many designers are used to just “shopping the catalog” and picking existing colorways from other brands, we encourage interior designers to collaborate with us on making our art their own. This truly makes your paper and fabric one-of-a-kind and allows personalization in every room of the home.

Another huge selling point of having our own digital printing equipment With the ability to produce designs from scratch, the artists from Relativity Collective bring a fresh perspective to prints and murals. From intricate patterns inspired by nature to abstract designs, the possibilities are limitless. Each artist we work with has their own style and color palette to work with. They are all interested in producing new artworks for the purpose of new wallpaper and fabrics. 

This level of customization allows you to use your imagination and design spaces where your wildest ideas can come to life.

Endless Possibilities for Production:

The synergy between digital printing and our artist-owned business paves the way for endless possibilities in production; namely substrates like vinyl, grasscloth, textured papers and eco-friendly options for high-traffic spaces. Artists and designers can explore a wide array of materials, textures, and colors, offering a diversity of options to suit various projects. Having flexibility with digital printing ensures that each project receives a unique treatment that aligns with the vision of the designer or client, without the huge investment of screen printing or rotogravure printing. We literally have no minimum orders for custom jobs.

Shorter Lead Times and Enhanced Efficiency:

Traditionally, wallpaper production was a time-consuming process that involved intricate stenciling or manual printing techniques. However, digital printing has streamlined this process significantly. The turnaround time from design concept to final product is dramatically reduced, allowing for quicker project completion. This efficiency is particularly advantageous in the fast-paced world of interior design, where timelines can be a pain point for design professionals and homeowners (especially after Covid). We have a two week lead time on custom samples and likewise 2 weeks for printing final production. This is unheard of to get something your way in half the time, but we have found a way to do it.


Photo By Brianne Bishop

Seamless Integration into Residential and Commercial Projects:

The benefits of digital printing and artist-owned businesses like ours extend seamlessly to both residential and commercial projects. In residential spaces, personalized wallpapers can transform rooms into cozy sanctuaries, reflecting the tastes and personalities of those who live there. For commercial ventures, bespoke wallpaper designs can help establish brand identity, create immersive atmospheres, brighten up dull common spaces, and leave lasting impressions on visitors and clients. 

Sustainability and Reduced Waste:

We are consistently pushing our customers sustainable materials when they design their spaces. We are passionate about eco-friendly PVC-free papers because they print beautifully, have a similar feel to hand-printed papers and will biodegrade once they’re removed and thrown into a landfill. Unlike most commercial substrates (vinyls) that may need to off gas once installed, have chemical components that are hard to regulate and were typically made in factories overseas, we choose American made paper products to print on– and the results are still just as durable! These papers are Type 2, Class A fire-rated and they’re wipable and fade resistant. They’re great for commercial or residential use. 

Additionally, when you can print less paper– which we go to great lengths to do– we generate less waste. Digital printing is highly efficient and allows for precise material usage so we recommend sending elevations and measurements of your rooms so we can do the math and you only have to order what you need. Additionally, the ability to print on demand reduces the need for excess inventory, contributing to a more sustainable approach to production.


The future of wallpaper production is undergoing a remarkable transformation through the integration of digital printing technology and artist-owned businesses like Relativity Textiles. The fusion of creativity, customization, efficiency, our human approach to service and sustainability reshapes how we approach custom projects. From residential havens to bustling commercial spaces, the collaboration between us printing in house and our artistic ingenuity opens up a world of possibilities, ensuring that walls become canvases for self-expression and innovation. As we look forward to the future, the journey of transforming interiors will be marked by endless creativity and the seamless harmony of technology and artistry.

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