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Welcome to the VIP Program. We offer interior designers, architecture firms and decorators easy access to all of our NEW products as we launch them.


Every month, you will receive a box of goods sent to you by signing up for this membership. Included in the monthly mail out is one fine art print by an artist from the RELATIVITY COLLECTIVE line up as well as wallpaper and fabric samples.


The membership is $149 per month. You are supporting our mission to empower artists to take ownership of their own brands. Instead of licensing work from pattern designers, our artist-owned brand partners are the CEO of their own line. The $149 covers the cost of packaging and shipping labels to get the box to you.

Most art online costs more than this. You can use these art prints to decorate your home or office or use them in your clients' projects.


Relativity Collective was started in 2022 as a way to help smaller textile lines reach a larger audience by partnership and collaboration with RELATIVITY TEXTILES's Founder Erin Minckley. "I am sick of seeing artists get paid the lowest commission for their work. Big brands are taking advantage of creatives by paying out small royalties and reaping huge rewards. It's not a profitable business model for artists. They ought to make the most for their skills and ideas."

Each artist is investing in themselves instead of selling their work to us for peanuts. These are not licensing deals. These are partnerships in business. We are helping other brands elevate to luxury status by introducing them to our audience and assisting them in getting from idea to launch in six months.

Thank you to you for being a loyal supporter of our small brand and 12 other artists who we will launch in 2023~!