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Trade Discounts are for Trade Professionals only. If you are a certified interior designer or architect with a Resale Certificate please send an email with a copy of your Resale certificate to If you are practicing decorator and do not have a resale certificate please email us your Business license from the state that you are operating from. It must include the name of your interior design business and your current address. Likewise, if you have a tax form from your state (IL uses the CRT-61 form) then you can also send us that, filled out with your business information.
Trade discounts are given to design professionals who intend to resell our products to homeowners and other clients at MSRP, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. It may not be sold for more than this. Designers are not allowed to share their discount codes with friends or clients. We do not offer discounts to the end consumer unless we are running a sale.Tax exempt purchases are assumed to be marked up to MSRP. You are also responsible for charging sales tax in your state on top of the retail price.
The 20% commission is gratitude paid to our network of design professionals, which is an industry standard. We consider this a commission since they are helping to spread the word about our globally inspired wallpaper to their clients, thus they are our sales rep's. Although box stores are able to offer discounts to real estate developers and other types of service providers, our small business cannot compete with a discount for everyone. Our products are priced this way because they are high quality, easy to use, well made and eco-friendlier than many of our competitor's products. We are very proud to offer the best products on the market.
If you have further questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to us via email:
Trade Professionals Start Here: