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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Wallpaper

The TOP 5

Misconceptions About Wallpaper

Fact is different than Feeling. Sometimes people feel like wallpaper reminds them of their grandma. Other people (mostly husbands) remember the horrible feeling of peeling wallpaper off the wall. Ya, you. The guy who had to use that little claw thingy and some nasty sprays to get the wallpaper off that your grandmother installed in the 1960’s.

I need you to try something for me.

Look at your television.

Now look at this TV.

Wallpaper and glue technology has changed A LOT since the 1960’s, along with every other facet of our modern lives. The printing process is relatively identical. The paper is pretty much the same. But, the thing that changed is the glue– it’s changed for the better. If you’ve ever taken wallpaper down, you know it can be a real pain in the you-know-what. 

Relativity did what we do best– We went straight to the pro’s to ask them about the in’s and out’s of wallpaper. We wrote this little number to help demystify this curious material for your home in the hopes that you’ll feel more confident adorning your walls with our pretty paper. Below, you’ll find excerpts from experts. Ready, Set, Go!


1: Wallpaper Will Hurt My Resale Value.

a study with a sofa, desk, moroccan rug, and peacock feather wallpaper

Wallpaper can help your home sell by making it feel fresh and trendy


Image result for camille canalesWe asked Real Estate Agent Camille Canales of North Clybourn Group about whether wallpaper has negatively affected the resale value of homes she’s sold and what people’s reactions to a home for sale with wallpaper is. Her response was,


“As long as wallpaper isn’t decades old it won’t affect resale value negatively. New wallpaper definitely helps a resale seem fresh and on trend along with updates like paint and light fixtures. We’ve seen a lot of developers and buyers installing wallpaper in luxe condos or single family homes — on accent walls, tray ceilings, or powder rooms for standout appeal.”

“These days photos are crucial — people swipe left or right and decide in a split second whether they want to tour or not. Wallpaper can definitely make a place stand out.”


2: It’s Too Permanent.

deteriorating wallpaper

Removing wallpaper isn’t this hard anymore thanks to new glue technology


I’ve said this for as long as I can remember, people approach putting up wallpaper like they’re contemplating getting a tattoo! Is wallpaper really a forever decision? Jennifer Curtis President of the Chicago Chapter of the WIA (Wallcovering Installers Association) answers:

“Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper is far from permanent. Improvements in wall prep or primer products have really made a difference because they stop the adhesive from being soaked into the wall. This allows for much easier installation, removal, and it even resists mildew. Not to mention the strength of the bond is as good as ever. We cannot stress enough the importance of using high quality materials, and an experienced professional from the Wallcovering Installers Association to properly install your wallcovering.”


3: It’s Hard to Install.

people installing wallpaper, wallpaper hanging supplies

Hire a professional to install your wallpaper or put some elbow grease in and do it yourself


Though slapping a coat of paint on the wall won’t cost you as much money, and you might think your husband or father in law can do a decent job of it, we decided to ask Liisa Jordan of Solid + Pattern Showroom  if this is an activity that you should try at home. 


LJ: “The installation and removal process has gotten much simpler. With the advent of temporary and removable papers, even renters can have wallpaper without the hassle. It’s a really easy way to make the space your own. Some temporary papers are DIY friendly and make installation simple, but that being said hiring an installer is the best route if it’s within your budget. Installing wallpaper is all about precision and skill so either put in the elbow grease to learn how yourself or hire a professional to make your space look crisp and clean.” 

4: Wallpaper is Too Expensive.

Living room

Shannon Peppeard designed this room with the wallpaper in mind. You don’t have to do the whole room to enjoy the pattern.

Shannon Peppeard of Peppeard Design offers her two cents:  “let’s face the facts…wallpaper has come a long way and it’s time to embrace it! When you work with an interior designer you often get access to brands and pieces that you are not able purchase online or at brick and mortar stores.  Furthermore, trade professionals frequently get special pricing from specific sources, just one of the values of working with an interior designer.” Those are great reasons to hire a professional. You may even save money!

Liisa Jordan: “There are many cost effective options available, whether it’s the substrate, type of adhesive and installation, or the quality of the print — there’s a whole range available. My two biggest pieces of advice are that you should always ask for samples, and that you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to online shopping, getting samples helps you realize how the colors, textures, and quality of the wallpaper will look in your space. That information can inform your decision to buy the cheaper, install it yourself paper often found on Etsy, versus a more luxury product like Relativity Textiles. Most people invest more money in the areas they spend the most time in, like the kitchen, living room, or dining room. A more cost effective option can be great for kids rooms, or a basement.”


5: Wallpaper is Overpowering. I’ll get sick of it.

interiors with wallpaper

Whether it’s a beautiful accent or the star of the show, wallpaper makes a space special


Image result for jen talbotModern Luxury Magazine wouldn’t name this Chicago designer “One to Watch” if she didn’t have great taste. We asked Jen Talbot whether it was possible to design a room where wallpaper was not the star of the show.


JT: “I love wallpaper as a dominant feature in the space but also as an accent. Great applications would be places like inside a reading nook, along the risers of stairs, or using a small print wallpaper cut out to create a large shape on the wall. For instance, a large bunny shape for a kids space cut out of carrot small print wallpaper. It’s a fun, fresh approach, less commitment than a full wall or room and can easily be updated when the kids tire of the look.”



framed wallpaper

At the end of the day, wallpaper is art, whether it fills your entire space, or is framed like a canvas

Do you have a large wall you want to fill with art? Can’t afford an impressive massive canvas to fill the space? Install wood trim and frame your favorite wallpaper — it will definitely elevate a room and make a statement. See how Claire and I did this DIY project on the Centered by Design Blog



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