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Relativity Textiles manufactures hand screen printed wallpaper in Chicago. We are inspired by the history of global textiles and want to make a lasting impact by giving back to organizations with a social reach.

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This morning I was faced with one of life’s most important decisions…

Whether to click on a Facebook daily quiz.

What I love about social media is the ability to feel connected to people who you’ve lost connection with, whether physically, geographically or emotionally. It makes me feel like I’m not so alone. It makes me feel like I have support. And it’s a way to vent to the universe the things that I need answers to. Sometimes my virtual community comes through. As in the case of Kickstarter, they REALLY CAME THROUGH! So, I don’t want to discredit the power of this platform. But, I do get a little weary of getting on Facebook, because it can be a time suck and often, while reading news articles or opinions of my peers I can get really depressed.

But, this morning, Sunday, while I told myself to write a blog post about something meaningful; while I am trying to stick to some social media calendar that I set up for myself; while I’m trying to prove that I really do know how to write, even though I somewhere along the line told myself ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m not good at it’, I realized that this could be the content I am searching for. This. Stupid, pointless, Facebook quiz.

 Like a fortune cookie, this little exercise in self-examination gives a tidbit about my life without knowing me at all. As if five or six questions can get to the bottom of who I am and what my personality type is! But, we read our fortune cookie, we listen to the psychic, we take a daily quiz to feel surety about the future. To be validated. Or to have reassurance that we really are who we thought we were (or be surprised that we are NOT who we thought we were!)


Here’s who I am:
“You’re the explorer! According to Jung we can find this archetype in many myths and fairy tales. You’re a restless nomad, always full of wanderlust. You see life as one big adventure and you’re always planning your next move. This archetype thirsts for new experiences and new people. You’re independent, adaptable, ambitious and true to yourself. Your sense of adventure is your greatest strength, but you may risk wondering aimlessly and you may find it difficult to choose a direction. Channel your adventurous spirit into something productive!”
And so, if I must summarize the way this Jungian survey completes me, I must say that I like being labeled the explorer. Though, I don’t consider myself a leader or expert or the first to have done anything. People have been designing wallpaper since the 16th century. Women have been running businesses to support their families since the dawn of commerce. I’m not Amelia Earhart or Marie Curie- I wish I was! That said, I do love the idea that my wandering spirit needs channeling and though “productivity” isn’t my goal, I do love meeting new people and experiencing new things. That is a part of this brand. It’s a part of what I love about getting to meet interior designers, showroom reps and other textile tribe members. I love when we support each other and share information. I love when another creative person promotes me (I joke that they are “spreading the wallpaper gospel!”) I love knowing more about the industry, since I’m the new girl at the party. But most of all I love sharing what I know with you. Taking you to a place you may never see firsthand.

photo credit, Carolina Mariana Rodriguez c. 2017

When I have more energy to complete the blog post I started last week about Sudan, I will share it with you. The happy and the sad. (okay, a society who has suffered as much as Sudan has a lot more sad than happy). The beautiful and the ugly. The power of an image. The strength of a people to persist. I hope you’ll come back and read it, once I finally close my eyes and hit “PUBLISH”.