• DIY Project

    In collaboration with Meg Piercy at MegMade, we began offering our wallpapers to her clients as a way to spruce up a dresser or hutch with pattern and color. It’s a way to personalize a piece of furniture and also to add a little decoration to an otherwise traditional piece, making it a little more modern.


    Check out the amazing selection of dressers and other furniture at MegMade located at


    2415 W Barry Avenue Chicago, IL 60618

    You can also have Meg’s crew pick up a piece of your furniture and they will custom paint it and deliver it back to your home within a few weeks. I am looking forward to sharing with you a before and after image of my own two Midcentury dressers that Meg is doing up for me this month. They will be truly transformed!


  • RUE Magazine



    This feature was really fun to shoot because I got to work with some of my closest friends in Chicago. Check out the article that RUE Magazine wrote up about the project, called “A Bohemian Bedroom” styled by Claire Staszak at Centered by Design.


    To shed some light on our process, like we normally love to do, I made a video that highlights the labor and people involved in the shoot. From start to finish, we spent about 7 hours to make this one magazine-ready image come to life.

    It’s not easy.

    But, it’s worth it. And I can’t stress it enough– the importance of working with people who you trust and who have the skills. These are the best of the best. My furniture showrooms who donated the pieces for the shoot are good friends, Beth Berke from South Loop Loft and Meg Piercy of MegMade. The photographer, Carolina Mariana is one of the best. My interns helped carry furniture, iron bedding, etc. Claire helped me to shop for the right pillows, lamps and staged up this room to the nines. Ian caught it all on film. The homeowners were so gracious to let us take over their space and bring in a crew of people and objects and photograph their most intimate room in the house.

    I can’t thank you guys enough for being a part of this shoot!, Erin