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Relativity Textiles manufactures hand screen printed wallpaper in Chicago. We are inspired by the history of global textiles and want to make a lasting impact by giving back to organizations with a social reach.

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3323 W. Diversey Ave.
Studio #14
Chicago, IL 60647

Email : [email protected]
Phone: +1 (872) 228-6596

Tricks of the Trade


Hi It’s Kelsey, intern at Relativity Textiles. Here at RT we are committed to the process. Our wallpaper is designed for easy printing, easy install and easy maintenance– We think about our Printers, Wallpaper Hangers and You every time we design a pattern!

Though our wallpaper is made to be easily installed and can be done by just about anyone, but we do recommend you hire a professional.

If you are in the Chicago area we recommend:

Shawn Lawler

If you are elsewhere we recommend:

Wallcovering Installers Associations

But if you want to learn from experience, below are a few tricks I gathered last week while installing a wallpaper for Claire from Centered by Design. Here’s what I learned about how to hang a perfect paper that I didn’t know before.



DO’s & DON’T’s

1) Use Wallpaper specific primer, sometimes called Prep Coat.
2) If the background of the wallpaper is colored, a tinted primer can help disguise inevitable gaps.
3) Never wear red nail polish, it’s the most noticeable and likely to scratch off the onto the paper!
4) Remove all blemishes and scotch tape from the wall before installing. You will notice it later.
5) When trimming panels: always cut an inch or two extra on top and bottom of each panel- in case the wall is not straight! But make sure you have enough on the roll. Measure the whole roll before you cut it!
6) It’s more important for the wallpaper to match at eye level than anywhere else. So, start at the middle of the panel and match the seams together, then work your way up and down. Never begin at the top of the ladder/wall.

Wallpaper Hanger Toolkit:



Tape Measure

Box Cutter

Box of Sharp Razor Blades

Step Ladder

Wallcovering Prep Coat

Wallpaper Glue

Paint Roller

Plastic Wallpaper Scraper

Seam Roller (specialized tool to make seams less noticeable)

Spray Bottle


Garbage/Paper Towel