Erin2-p1a6h6vk4m7841ak92q7sbc13ffErin Minckley Chlaghmo is an artist, teacher and mother of two boys. Her passion for pattern led her to screen printing and fabric dyeing while studying in Chicago. After receiving her MFA in Fiber & Materials Studies, she worked for a variety of fabricators and artists, including a local wallpaper manufacturer. Learning how to set up an artwork in Illustrator for print production for many accomplished design houses, Chlaghmo decided to branch out on her own and start her own label. It is through the process of learning textile design techniques and teaching them to others that Relativity’s philosophy was born. Spending summers in Morocco was a source of inspiration; textile history and culturally relevant motifs are always the basis of her work, drawn from an array of sources that span the globe. Her mission is to share unique motifs that can warm your home and also enrich your understanding of our global community of makers.