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Relativity Textiles manufactures hand screen printed wallpaper in Chicago. We are inspired by the history of global textiles and want to make a lasting impact by giving back to organizations with a social reach.

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Entryway in Gold and Black

Gold is the New Black.

One of the defining color palettes of my first collection was black and gold. Our original packaging was made in black matte Neenah paper with a gold foil letterpressed logo. And the first wallpaper I ever made was Kilim Black. It makes sense then that people relate to me as a black and gold girl. Though, often I consider the palette too glam, I do always wear black and I love gold and brass colored accents in jewelry and in a home.


Images courtesy of Carolina M. Rodriguez, Bryson Gill studios and Aimee Mazzenga.


As some of you know I have a small crush on a very famous designer. I met Nate Berkus in Los Angeles in May of 2016 and it felt like my long standing goal had been achieved. But, I know for a fact that he doesn’t remember who I am as he had been bombarded by a dozen fangirls like myself after his panel discussion at Stark Carpet. But, having met him at Legends made him feel a little more human. We shook hands and he said “I hope you’re enjoying the conference.” Since we both started out in Chicago as a one-person design firm, I aspire to build an empire like he has. Someday. I do share a kinship in another way. His sense of style is simple but elegant, and often combines black and white with brass accents.


Images courtesy Nate Berkus and Aimee Mazzenga


It’s no surprise to know that when NB’s Creative Director reached out to me for a lunch date in Chicago, I jumped for joy! Her name is Tara Shade and she is a creative powerhouse. She helps the NB brand launch their line of products at Target as well as curate their selection of printed fabrics for JoAnn’s Fabrics. I’m pretty sure that if I could have any other job than the one I have now, I’d like to have Tara’s job.

On our first girl date, I nervously showed her my first collection of wallpapers and spec sheets for the not-yet-produced Second Collection. I told her a bit about the impetus for designing these 6 new patterns and we talked about the Chicago design community. On our second date, she and I plotted and planned how to create a custom colorway for her entryway in her beautiful home in Lincoln Square. She offered me some assistance with branding and photoshoots in return for a quick installation by yours truly.

GAAR – Black

photos by Aimee Mazzenga


And thus this lovely room came to life. Tara chose Ebony paper, a matte black clay coated paper for the ground, with metallic gold ink. The pattern is called Gaar and it is inspired by a tattoo process from Sudan. The motif appears at first like a bunch of tiny brush strokes, but there’s a pattern within a pattern. Islamic scalloping tile shapes pop out from the wall and call attention to their half-dropping goodness. This pattern has newly come to life and there will be many more colorways launching when the whole collection goes live. But we love how it turned out in Tara’s Entryway.